How To Look Awesome Playing Ourworld


Level Up To Purchase Clothing You Want. You Can Level Up By Doing Communications Such As Talking Or Skipping, The Test-Mode 42 Cheat, Vote On Competitions, Or Upgrade Movement Boost Using Facebook.

Browse The Stores. Go To ‘Threads’ Or Some Other Shop & Look Through All Of The Classes Of Items There Are, & If You Come Across One, Try It On. Furthermore Look Through Magic, Skin Deep, Or Some Other Fun Show.

Ourworld Works On A Micro Transaction Professional Model Which Lets Players To Purchase In-Game “Gems”. Coins & Gems Are Used To Buy Items For Their Profiles Such As Clothing, Accessories Or Gear. As Players Get Experience, They Level Up. This Gets Them Prizes Such As Dance Steps, Access To New Areas, Cars, And Treats.

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ourworld levels
Use The Ourworld Gem Cheats To Gets Several Gems As Wanted For Free. Open The “Friends” Tab, & Then Click The “Invite Friends” Selection. Enter One More Email Address Fitting To You. You Will Get An Ourworld Request. Click The “Go To Ourworld” Link In The Mail To Go To The Home Page, & Then Click “Not A Member” & Join Again. When You Arrive Level 5 With Your Fresh Avatar You Will Get Five Gems. When Your Novel Avatar Reaches Level 10, You Will Get Five Extra Gems. Transfer Them To Your Chief Account And Repeat The Procedure.

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Methods To Become Well-Known On Ourworld

All The Methods Someone Can Become Well-Known In Ourworld Are Listed Below.

By Playing Ourworld For An Extended Period Of Time

Players Who Have Been Playing The Ourworld From 2008-2009 Get Admiration For Their Commitment And Are Frequently Well Known & Rich As They Carried Rare Items When They First Came Out. They Have Also Been About A Long Time So Are Likely To Be Recognized By More People.

By Being Rich

Being Ironic In Ourworld Attracts Devotions As You Are Admired By Other Plays As Their Particular Goals In The Game.

Collect Rare Items

Players Who Gather Rare Items, Also Recognized As Collectors, Are Well Known As Their Brag Bag Will Be Full Of Stuffs Other Players May Have Not Ever Even Seen Before In All Color Differences

Being a TV star in gaming world?

There are many people that want to become popular and famous on youtube by playing video games, something like pewdiepie,or some other gamers but thing is that most of people doesn’t have what it takes to become popular on youtube,mostly because they don’t know how to be good speakers and how to outperform other players. All popular gamers on twich on websites like that are funny or at least funny to some people,they talk a lot,they share stories from their life,and this is reason why most of kids like them. Most of adults will think that these players are not funny because my point of view as a 22 years old ex first class world winning gamer is that they are not,they are doing that mostly for the money. Sure there are some good gamers who doing for the fun like the auzzie gamer,but not most of them.


If you want to be popular on youtube or so called tv star you need to have money to invest! Until then,you won’t be popular unless you are very good at what you do!